CloudApp Review: The handiest tool for image capture

CloudApp Review: The handiest tool for image capture - –

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CloudApp Review 2021.

Share files fast.

CloudApp unifies recording and sharing quick videos and screenshot annotation into one easy-to-use platform. CloudApps solution offers the video, image, audio, and file-sharing experience across Windows, Mac, Chrome, and iOS.

It combines annotated screenshots, GIFs and screen recording in one easy-to-use app. Capture, get and instant link, and share. Our customers work at the Speed of Sight in Customer Support, Product Development, Design, Sales and Marketing.

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0:10 What other software products did you consider or switch from?

0:24 What were the reasons you chose CloudApp?

1:01 How easy was it to onboard and integrate CloudApp into your business?

1:33 What recommendations do you have for others considering CloudApp?