Customers Want Great Experiences. All Executives Can Help.

Customers Want Great Experiences. All Executives Can Help. - –


At Gartner, I lead our executive research focused on Customer Experience strategies for an organization. I can tell you that customers today aren’t just buying products or services. They expect great experiences.
When we elevate Customer Experience and customer-centricity to the enterprise level, executive leaders can help all parts of their organizations realize that they have a stake in delivering the right products, services, and experiences. Today, clients need to go a step further, from products to experiences. You can achieve this by taking a collaborative approach to understand customers, choosing the right strategies to win, and getting everyone to do the right things for customers.
Executive Challenges with CX 
Some of the biggest challenges facing executives who are involved in their organization’s customer experience strategies are:

Addressing their incomplete understanding of customer concerns, needs, and wants.
Developing the right customer experience strategy to deliver necessary business results.
Aligning the entire organization to be more customer-centric.

CEOs want to see digital technology delivering CX outcomes. Careers will be made or broken on the basis of CX.
How Gartner Can Help
Our research for Customer Experience Strategies focuses on these challenges:

Understanding Customers will help you address key questions: How can I discover and anticipate customers’ needs? And what high-impact forces are affecting our customers’ wants, needs and behaviors?
Setting the Customer Experience Strategy will help you realize it’s not enough to have a corporate strategic plan – you also need a customer experience strategic plan. This includes building a CX strategy and getting buy-in for that strategy.
Coordinating CX Across the Enterprise will help you develop a shared sense of purpose, inspire execution, and ensure proper governance to create a customer-centric culture.

Across all three topics, you can expect to see advice on framing your unique approach to customer-centricity and guidance on how to build a plan for delivering the right experiences for your customers. This leads to growth from customers that are satisfied, loyal, and willing to advocate for you. And, more employees who understand their role in delivering great experiences for customers. Gartner clients can search our portfolio of research in this area here. Or, contact your Gartner account team to work with us and build a Customer Experience strategy that works for your organization.