Gartner modernizes as IDC goes to the Blockchain

Gartner modernizes as IDC goes to the Blockchain

Gartner modernizes as IDC goes to the Blockchain - –


April 1 – Stamford, CT USA and the Metaverse. As part of its ongoing support for digital transformation, Gartner (IT) announces a major modernization of its research-based business model. “Gartner research is unique and valuable in its own right. Starting today anyone can purchase an NFT of a Gartner Research article,” announced Gvonne Yenovese, EVP, Global Product Management. “We believe allowing anyone to purchase an original piece of Gartner content is good for everyone,” she concluded.

The move is widely seen as a response to yesterday’s announcement that IDC is moving its content onto the blockchain. “Gartner recognizes itself as a technology leader so having our research on the most advanced technical platform just makes sense,” according to Sal Vribar SVP, Research & Advisory at Gartner.

“Imagine the insight and prestige IT leaders will get by saying they own an original Plummer, or Raskino, or Lovelock, not to mention the cache of owning a Lopez or Buytendijk.”  Gartner will open is research archives to sell NFT’s of past seminal notes like the first magic quadrant, the initial hype cycle and research predicting the success of Second Life.”  Like all NFT’s, copies of the research continue to be available on In a surprise, Vribar mentioned that the NFTs will be sold separately, requiring purchasers to compose their own NFT portfolio.

Facilitating the move to NFTs, Gartner announced two supporting initiatives. The first is Gartner Xchange, a platform for purchasing and trading Gartner Research NFTs.  Shortened to GX∆ with the delta for change, the platform will initially trade only Gartner NFTs.  Yenovese commented on expansion plans, “GD∆ is central to our insights platform. We look to offer our clients  Gartner Research and original content from tech luminaries, like Christopher Mims, Woz, and Mary Meeker.”

Sraig Cafian, Gartner’s Chief Financial Officer announced the second supporting initiative. “Facilitating digital transformation and commerce requires innovative monetization approaches. We are proud to announce the introduction of the Gideon G$, a new cryptocurrency.” Vribar built on this comment saying, “Other Crypto currencies are based on nothing, but Gideons will be based on a steady stream of Gartner content.  We have more than 1,200 analyst who will be renamed miners backing the Gideon.”

Gideons will be available for purchase on Gartner’s website and other public exchanges.  Moves in support of Gideons and Gartner NFTs include pricing Gartner products and accepting payment in Gideons, paying Gartner personnel their bonuses in Gideons, and sharing 5% of NFT sales with the authors – again in Gideons.

Gartner will establish a specific microsite on with more details as well as other resources needed to take advantage of this announcement.  Contact Gartner for further details